2/17/2004 Update

Damn! It's been a while. I've been meaning to try and catch up, so here goes.

The last time most of ya'll saw us was in 2000. Dan Enriquez and I pretty much lived in the van and toured constantly. Drummers and guitar players came and went, as did venues, and honestly- I burnt out! the cool thing was that we developed all the material for 'Right Now I Hate You', our first real rockin' CD. Dan co-wrote 4 songs and we got to Sun Studios to record it right before he had to go back to LA.

There have been more than a few versions of The Camaros since then- Baltimore, then Nashville. When I first got here I got such great response to the new CD I had guys from BR549, The Shack Shakers, Willie Heath Neal, all wanting to play with us. The Camaros stick around Nashville, for the most part, unless there's something particulary cool (we did the Heavy Rebel Weekend, and went to Athens Greece) or profitable (weddings, private parties, dance gigs). We're planning to start touring, a bit, soon, so if ya'll want us email thecamaros @ yahoo.

I know, I know, the band has changed a lot over the years. So let me tell you what it like now. Chris Cassello, from The Starlight Drifters, is on guitar, now. Carco Clave (Dale Watson, Asleep at the Wheel) is on Steele, Scott McKwen (Rosie Flores, Hank 3) on Bass. We don't always have drums- depends on the gig, when we do we usually have John McTigue (Dale Watson). Sooooo, you probably already figuered we're a lot more country. True. We still do plenty of Rockabilly, and Jump, and even hire horns, if we need 'um.

Got a new CD coming out- a real Ray Price, Patsy Cline inspired honky tonk record. We also have a live CD of us doing all old classic covers.

Hope to see ya'll soon! Stay in touch!


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